Our complex water recycling system has allowed us to reduce our mains water use by over 95%. Initially when building the nursery facility we had water reclamation in mind. Drainage was installed under the ground across the whole nursery to capture and return all irrigation and rain water back to a holding dam.

The main dam was expanded to hold 15 million litres of irrigation water. We then built wetland ponds and reed beds both before and after the main holding dam to run all re captured water through. This was designed to clean and treat commercial levels of recycled water, required to operate a nursery facility. As water fills the holding dam, it then flows through the series of wetlands cleaning the water as it passes through to a final holding dam. This is where we store our treated clean water ready for re-use.

All this was completed during one of Australia’s most recent droughts one of the most severe on record. As the system we had developed still relied heavily on catching rain and irrigation water to fill the wetland.

We were still at the mercy of the weather to secure our water needed to operate our business. This is when we investigated and researched the use of purchasing A Class recycled sewage water from the government to fill our wetland. After initial growing trials, we proved that running this water through a wetland reduced the nutrients levels of the sewage water back to a safe usable level for irrigation. We were then able to implement this system fully and reduce our reliance on mains water.

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