Aloe Sea Urchin

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  • April 8, 2016

Aloe Sea Urchin TM

Aloe hybrid ‘ANDSEA’ (PBR Intended)

The new Sea Urchin TM Aloe has made its way to the Mansfield’s shore, and we couldn’t be more excited for its arrival! What makes Aloe Sea Urchin TM stand out from the common aloe, is it’s a much more compact, tight and dense form. It provides modern, architectural and clean blue/grey foliage and in winter and spring will burst with vibrant orange flowers. Its compact form makes it ideal for landscape mass planting, garden borders, or specimen planting, and it would be a stand-out display in a container. Just 30cm x 30cm with 50cm high flowers. Position in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of frost, heat, and low water conditions. Make a splash with Aloe Sea Urchin TM in your landscape!

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