As the Australian climate continues to change, the demand for plants that will thrive in these conditions will increase. It is important we are developing new lines that are bred and selected for these reasons. Mansfield’s works with a network of plant breeders and developers both domestically and internationally to introduce new and exciting varieties to the Australian market.

We have to ensure we are testing and trialling these varieties the see if they can perform under tough conditions. We grow these gardens with minimal to zero irrigation water and test for drought tolerance, frost tolerance, ability to be pruned, view the flowering characteristics and take images for marketing material.

Being one of Australia’s largest wholesale nurseries we regularly have industry people walking these gardens giving feedback on which varieties show merit. In the middle of the gardens we have incorporated a large grass area capable of holding up to 150 people in a marquee. We plan to use this space to hold industry functions for the Nursery industry, Horticultural Media, Landscape Industry and Garden Centre retailers to gain exposure to industries for these new varieties and their breeders.

Since the gardens development it has turned into a landscape show room with customers walking the gardens and placing orders from plants they are impressed by. If you have a new variety that you would like to have commercialised and distributed across the country please feel free to contact us and talk about the possibilities.